Affiliate Marketing Optimization - Best Practices

Those looking to make a living online will find that affiliate marketing can tick a lot of the boxes, but it’s not the get-rich-quick scheme everyone assumes it is. Those making a worthwhile living online will not only be investing a lot of time, but also a lot of money.

Affiliate schemes can come in many different forms, so it’s important that some best practices are carried out when approaching affiliate marketing, especially those new to the concept.

Marketing Optimisation: What Factors Should be Considered?

The reason why some people can fail when it comes to affiliate marketing is that they’ve not invested time in marketing optimisation. Although it’s understandable that marketers will want to get their ads live online sooner rather than later, it’s important to ensure that the marketing will have the desired effect.

Making the most of advertising is important, as there will be times when profit margins fluctuate, so affiliate marketers always need to ensure they’re attracting as many customers as possible. As such, each campaign will need to be tweaked to ensure that it’s connecting with the relevant audience.

There could be times when marketing campaigns have to be looked over a few times before their launch, and although this can take some time, it’s a much better outcome than having spent money on a campaign that’s struggling to find success.

Be Aware of the Levers Associated with the Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Different marketing campaigns will be made up of different levers, a term that refers to the different elements that make up a campaign. Although different affiliate marketing campaigns will be set up in different ways, the following is an overview of some of the more common levers used for marketing optimisation.

• Landing Pages
• Bidding
• Targeting
• Ads

Focusing on the different levers ensures that affiliate marketers can fine-tune their marketing rather than having to start all over again each time a marketing campaign loses traction.

Once affiliate marketers are aware of their levers, they can review the campaign in more detail by looking at the variables of each lever.

What Are the Variables of Levers?

Like levers, the types of variables in place can depend on the nature of the marketing campaign. Exploring the variables requires marketers to review the elements of each lever in greater detail, allowing for further improvements to be made.

For example, those reviewing their landing page will have several variables to review, including the formatting of the landing page and the placement of the call-to-action.

It can seem like a complicated process to begin with, but once online marketers become more familiar with the different levers and their corresponding variables, the easier marketing optimisation will be.

Know Your Affiliate Conversion Rate

As different affiliate schemes offer different payment schemes, it’s important to know the exact turnover you’re generating from each sale. Of course, hard work is a necessity for successful affiliate marketing, but so too is recognising when a product or service isn’t worthwhile.

Keeping track of your affiliate conversion ensures that time and money is being spent on products and services that yield a healthy return. Not being aware of your affiliate conversation rate could also mean that in some instances, the cost of the marketing campaign is costing more than the return being made.

With Pay Per Call keeping track of 

Campaign Optimisation: Getting It Wrong Leads to Getting it Right

Another mistake that many newcomers can make when it comes to affiliate marketing is assuming that every campaign that fails to gain traction should be scrapped. Most of the most successful campaigns in the world have stalled at first, and only with campaign optimisation have online marketers found the success they’re looking for.

While everyone would love to hit the ground running when it comes to affiliate marketing, there can be a learning curve involved to make the most of the sector, and campaign optimisation is a skill that every online marketer should possess.

Only Promote What You Know

Promoting a service or product to online users can often mean that a lot of question arises, and of an affiliate marketer isn’t familiar with the product or service, then it could mean that potential customers lose faith and move onto pastures new.

As such, those looking for online success need to ensure that they’re only focusing on items that they’re knowledgeable in. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available with many different verticals ensuring that finding a product or service to market that you’re knowledgeable in shouldn’t prove to be difficult.

Knowledge of the product or service you’re promoting not only helps build trust with an online audience but also gives affiliate marketers more to work with in relation to the marketing campaign. More so when it comes to deriving value out of Pay Per Call.

It can take some time when it comes to becoming familiar with products and services as well as differing marketing types, but it can be time well spent when it comes to perfecting future marketing endeavours.