Publisher vs Advertiser – How Different Is?

When it comes to online advertising there are a number of different players involved however the two most common terms that you will hear are advertisers and publishers.

For anyone who is just beginning their online marketing journey, these terms can be confusing. Trying to figure out all the jargon such as ad networks and affiliate marketing isn’t always easy especially if you are a complete beginner but luckily for you, we are here to help!

We are going to look specifically at the advertiser and publisher relationship and show you not only what they both are but how they interact with each other. To market successfully online you need to utilize a variety of different methods however the relationship between an advertiser and a publisher is key.

So, let’s look at what these terms mean.

What is an advertiser?

The advertiser definition is very straightforward.

It is someone who has a product or service to sell and needs ad space in order to achieve this. So, an advertiser pays money to have their advertisements shown and they can also be known as a merchant or even a retailer. The way an advertiser makes money is by selling the advertised product and this is generally known as ROI (return on investment) – they pay money to create and display ads to help sell their product and how much money they make will be determined by how successful the ads actually are.

Advertisers will use tools such as Google AdWords to set up advertisement campaigns.

Advertisers can range from small individual affiliates to bigger companies but their objective is all the same – to sell products and services via online advertisements and this is where publishers come in.

What are advertisers?

While advertisers pay to have their ads displayed – they need to have somewhere to display them.

A publisher is a person or even a company that displays ads on their digital space. They connect the user (someone who might buy a product or service) with the advertisement and they make revenue by displaying these ads on their website usually by CPC or CPA offers through an ad network.

Any site owner can, in theory, become a publisher. They could be an affiliate themselves running a product review site, a reseller or even a website that is just related to the niche that the advertiser wants their products promoted on.

There are different types of publishers that you need to be aware of. This can range from media buyers who purchase traffic on ad networks or webmasters who create organic traffic through various SEO efforts.

How publishers can make content more valuable

For online advertising to be successful there needs to be a solid working relationship between advertisers and publishers.

One can’t work without the other.

In fact, there are ways in which publishers can work to make content more valuable which in turn will build trust between a user and the publisher and ultimately result in more money for both advertisers and publishers alike.

Through their website, publishers can establish a strong connection between themselves and a user which will result in visitors being more likely to click on ads. This not only benefits the publishers as through CPC or CPA this is how they make their money but it is also to the advantage of the advertisers as their ads will be clicked on with more frequency.

Advertiser’s vs Publishers

There are several differences between advertisers and publishers and the two needs to work in harmony for both to be successful.

When it comes to online marketing advertisements are vital. Advertisers provide the content and publishers provide the traffic. For an advertiser, the main challenge is to set an attractive payout offer that combines both being attractive to a publisher to get traffic to their ads but also for them so that they make the profit from the campaign.

Publishers are often concerned with getting a good offer from an advertiser so what it is worth their while driving traffic to it.

These are the basics of being an advertiser or a publisher. Online marketing and selling different products and services on the internet relies on both of these jobs being done correctly and a strong working relationship is established.